Karuppu Kavuni Rice (2 lbs)

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Other Names: Black Rice, Nalla Biyyam, Karuppu Kavuni Rice, Kappu Akki, Karutha Akki, Karutha Ari, Kaala Chawal.

The Black rice or Kavuni Arisi was grown in northeastern and southern parts of India for centuries. It was called Chak Hao in north and Kavuni in the south. The rice is dark in shade and thus the name black rice. Actually, the darker the shade, the more rich is its nutrition.

Kavuni Rice is found to be the richest source of anthocyanin. The grain stands out in its nutritional value when compared to super foods such as red rice, quinoa, etc.

Kavuni Rice is very rich in fiber. 100gms of black rice holds over 4.9 grams of fiber content. This is double the fiber content of brown rice. Apart from that kavuni rice also has 18 amino acids present in it. The presence of zinc increases immunity, and iron helps carry oxygen in the body. Kavuni Rice also has good amounts of copper, carotene, and other important vitamins.