Karunkuruvai Rice (2 lbs)

2.0 lb
Also known as Black Kuruvai Rice or Black Rice is an important rice variety which belongs to kuruvai family. It usually grown in the period of kuruvai. The time period of this crop is June to July. Many siddha doctors prescribe this rice for its medicinal properties.
  • It is rich in vitamin E
  • It has rich nutrition than brown rice and white rice
  • Impurities and toxins can be easily removed from our body with the help of this rice
  • The phytochemical are present in this rice
  • It improves the immunity as well as stamina

How to make Chettinad Karunkuruvai Sweet?

  • It is required to soak the rice in water for 30 minutes
  • Then grind it to fine paste
  • Add 2 spoon of ghee to the pan
  • Next add the paste and sugar Mix it with a spoon for 10 minutes
  • Finally add salt and grated coconut to the mixture
  • Your sweet is ready now.