Azuki Beans (Thatta Payir)

2.0 lb

Popularly known as Red Cow Peas, Thatta Payaru / Karamani in Tamil, Vanpayar in Malayalam, Alasandulu / Bobbarulu in Telugu, Bora in Hindi, Alasande / Tadagani in Kanada.

Pack Weight: 2 lbs

Health Benefits:

  • Maintains Cholesterol levels: This can keep our cholesterol level remarkably low. It is an excellent source of soluble dietary fiber and protein, which play significant role in decreasing the amount of bad cholesterol present in the plasma of our blood. They also contain steroid compounds called phytosterols. These are very effective in maintaining the standard cholesterol levels in our body.
  • Removes Free Radicals: These peas are loaded with antioxidant agents – vitamin A and vitamin C. Therefore, consumption of these beans can help us get rid of detrimental free radicals, which can eventually stop the growth of cancerous cells.
  • Treats Cardiovascular Alignments: The secondary metabolites flavonoids present in cow peas are also super effective in treating various cardiovascular issues. By including the veggie in your regular diet, you can easily cut down the risks of developing several heart diseases.


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